No-cookie consent loop?

2013-03-29 od romanb absurd, fail

Imagine you're walking between 2 rooms in some building, you're moving stuff, whatever... and some guy shows up and ask you "do you know John?". You answer "No, sorry" and you're back to your moving.

If you'll be making another round and this guy is still there will he ask you again? No, cause he remembers you (a bit) and you saying "No".

Now imagine if that guy had 2 options:

  1. ask you permission to remember your answer for a while
  2. forget what you said to him the moment you leave his sight

Makes no sense, right?

But yet, somehow, every EU website is required by LAW to do almost exact thing. We're now obligated to ASK every visitor if he/she consent to cookies.

Cookie is just like that short term memory when you remember someone face for a while but you'll forget, eventually.

Lets assume that having no cookies on website is not an option. There are reasons.

So basic steps are:

  1. Check if visitor agreed to cookies.
  2. If not, ask for permission to store cookie.
  3. If the answer is yes STORE COOKIE which will state "I'm ok with cookies".
  4. If the answer is no STORE NO COOKIE at all.
  5. Return to page where he/she wanted to see in the first place (point 1).

OH noes, you see it? Step 1 checks again for consent and there's no sign of it, basically assumption is: THIS IS NEW USER. We cannot store info: DON'T AGREE TO COOKIES in a COOKIE :/

Before this ignorant law user could just disable cookies in browser and still visit your site, even if some stuff wouldn't work it would still be accessible. Now it's just agreement loop.